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The Winnipeg Clinic is one of the largest multispecialty clinics in Canada.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does the Clinic follow the Privacy Health Act Guidelines?

The Winnipeg Clinic staff like other health professionals have signed the Personal Health Information Pledge of Confidentiality.

2. Can I phone directly to make an appointment?

Generally speaking no, unless this a second requested visit. Clinic specialists require a letter of consultation from another physician.

When appropriate your primary or another physician may determine that another opinion and further assessment is required for an individual patient.

After your evaluation which may include specific tests/procedures a letter is sent back to the referring physician.

3. What happens if I miss an appointment?

If an appointment is missed without notice a fee will be charged by the Clinic.

4. What happens if I cannot keep an appointment?

Recognizing that there is often a wait to see a specialist, if you have to cancel, please call 48 hrs in advance so that you can not only be rescheduled, but the physician's assistant can schedule someone else in your place.

The Clinic realizes there are exceptions to this rule such as serious illness, death in the family, etc..

5. Can I eat before seeing the specialist?

Unless specifically asked to fast, you can eat before seeing the specialist.

6. What about taking medication?

In general medication should be taken. The Allergy Department may specifically request no antihistamines, sleeping pills, antacids, anti-nausea medications for a week before visits. However blood pressure, asthma, diabetic, cardiac medications for example should NOT be stopped.


The Clinic advocates, supports and expects a fragrance free and smoke free health facility.